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Medical Requirements
For your dog's protection, no dog is allowed into the kennel without up-to-date rabies and DHLPP shots. No dog will be accepted for boarding unless inoculated with the new BORDETELLA vaccines (also known as kennel cough) for tracheabronchitis. These may be given at the same time as the DHLPP shot. Please check with your veterinarian. Cats must have been inoculated for Feline Distemper, Rhinotraceitis, Rabies, and Calica.

Safety, Security and Sanitation
All pets are kept in runs that are enclosed by six-foot high cyclone fences.There is an inner fence between each dog run. An outer fence is also included to make it impossible for stray animals (or people) to come within six-feet of either the pets or the runs. Each "roomette" is constructed of concrete block walls that are 7-feet high. Cement runs range in size from 6' x 20' to 4' x 10', and are covered with cyclone fence. A separate septic tank is provided to handle the hosing of the runs and the cleaning and disinfecting of equipment. Each pet's quarters, as well as the kennels and runs, are cleaned at least twice each day or whenever the individual pet requires additional attention.

Member ABKA - The American Boarding Kennels Association